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A devastating accident at work can cause life-long consequences. Perhaps you have permanent injuries preventing you from returning to your job, or working at all. If an accident on the job resulted in any kind of injury, you deserve a compassionate legal team to defend your rights and fight for your best interests. Knafo Law Offices offers the experience you need to represent you or your loved one when you need it most.  We have been serving families and individuals in the Lehigh Valley since 1982 helping countless individuals seek recovery after an injury on the job.

From Allentown to Easton, Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley has many kinds of work environments

Outsiders associate Allentown with closed factories, but as locals we know better. Today, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network and St. Luke’s Hospital and Health Network are the largest employers in the area. On-the-job accidents happen everywhere, even in hospitals. Lehigh Valley’s many employers include:

- Hospitals and medical centers
- Food stores
- Pharmaceutical companies
- Trucking companies
- Casinos and other tourist attractions
- Warehouses, shipping and logistics companies
- Factories
- Farms

Each of these settings has unique dangers. Whether you fall on a slippery floor, or are exposed to a dangerous chemical in a pharmaceutical setting, we take your illness and injury seriously.

Workplace accidents can cause catastrophic injuries

Although the nature of each person’s needs differ, workplace injuries and illnesses, may include:

- Amputation — A catastrophic error can result in losing a limb.

- Back or neck injury —Injuries to this region can mean chronic pain, nerve issues or even paralysis.

- Brain injury or head trauma —Concussions and other traumatic brain injury (TBI) can impact       many functions, including executive functions.

- Broken bones — Permanent partial or complete loss of movement may impede your ability to work in your field.

- Burns, scars and disfigurement — Whether your burn resulted from a fire, chemical exposure or another accident, medical care for skin injuries can be painful, if available.

- Loss of sight or blindness — Losing your sight impacts your ability to work and may reduce your ability to live independently.

- Mental health injury or impairment due to stress — Many situations may seem “safe” from physical injury, but stress caused by unreasonable supervisors or a toxic work environment can result in mental anguish.

- Nerve damage — Lacerations, spinal cord injuries and broken bones may lead to permanent nerve loss.

- Occupational diseases — Although asbestos-related illnesses are becoming less prevalent, other jobs, like hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”, can result in exposure to toxic chemicals. As fracking grows in Pennsylvania and along the Marcellus Shale, more locals are finding work in this dangerous environment. Chemical or other exposure can cause:

- Lung cancer and other diseases
- Cancers due to chemical exposures
- Mesothelioma and asbestosis
- Cancer due to radiation in a medical setting

- Spinal cord injury or paralysis — If a workplace accident caused paralysis, your costs far exceed loss of movement and independence. Severe spinal cord injuries impact your entire family, your livelihood and cause huge expenses.






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